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Body Worn

Video surveillance provides increase security and peace of mind with the knowledge that you have an eye on.

How does Body Worn Video work?

Body worn cameras – AKA body cams – are usually clipped to the user’s chest, shoulder or worn as a headset with ‘push to record’ functionality controlled by the user.

We currently offer body cams equipped with intuitive user interface controls, advanced low light recording and fast in-field playback capability. The footage is usually recorded onto an password protected internal storage device, and can be easily uploaded to a secure encrypted digital location.

Is Body Worn video right for me?

If you need to keep staff or security personnel safe while they work, especially if their duties include moving from one facility to another, or interacting with the public, body cams are essential.

High definition video and audio body cam recordings of any incident make it clearer to see what happened, when, where and who was involved. They also help to deter crime and keep wearers safer, as people behave differently when they know their actions are being recorded.

Video captured by body cams allow officials to look back at the captured footage for a highly accurate account of the events in question.

Body Worn

Compact and rugged, yet lightweight and easy to operate, these High Definition recording devices are designed specifically to meet military, security, police and rescue applications.

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