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Use the form below to report any cybersecurity issues, breaches, hacks, malware, or any other incidents involving Genie Products or Software. We will triage your report and respond accordingly.

Report a Cyber Security Issue.

As with any cybersecurity issue, it is critical to take the following steps:

Cease Using the Device: Immediately stop using the suspectedly affected device. Disconnect it from any networks or external connections to prevent further damage or unauthorized access.

Report the Issue: Notify us immediately about the incident. Provide us with detailed information about the issue, including any suspicious behavior, error messages, or unusual activity you’ve observed.

Wait for Confirmation: Wait for confirmation from us. We will investigate the issue, assess the severity, and provide guidance on next steps. Avoid taking any actions that could exacerbate the situation until you receive official instructions.

Remember, swift action and cooperation are essential in addressing any cybersecurity threats. Stay vigilant and prioritize security to safeguard your data and privacy.

Open 9am – 5.30pm Monday-Thursday, 9am – 4.30pm Friday.

Note: Please be sure to include the model number, firmware version, and any steps that were taken to identify the potential issue.

PSTI Statement of Compliance (SoC).

The PSTI regime comes into effect on April 29, 2024. From that date, manufacturers of UK consumer connectable products (commonly known as “smart” products) must comply with relevant obligations set out in the Act. These obligations include ensuring their products meet strict security requirements.

You can download a copy of our SoC here.