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Genie Case Studies

At Genie, we’re proud of our diligent work, attention to detail and well-established relationships. Here is a selection of our most important recent solutions and projects.


Discover how Genie’s hospitality solutions protect guests, monitor staff for training purposes and help deter false compensation claims.


Genie’s advanced video surveillance and access control systems reduce health and safety breaches, keep an eye on expensive equipment, and protect employees and the public from entering restricted areas.


From protecting confidential business information, to guiding workers around offices, Genie’s flexible, affordable video and access control projects are keeping commercial operations safe and secure.


As well as product and property protection, Genie has helped clients reduce theft, monitor staff, protect them from aggressive behaviour, and even identify popular selling product lines.


With Genie’s guidance, schools, universities and colleges can operate smart, affordable behaviour monitoring and perimeter protection, keeping staff and pupils safer.

Public sector

From emergency services to council offices, Genie has set up state-of-the-art staff protection systems, anti-social behaviour deterrents, and traffic monitoring networks.


Genie has designed, installed and maintained solutions to suit any size, security level and budget. Explore a few more recent success stories.

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