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4-in-1 Technology … The Basics

First things first, what is a 4-in-1 CCTV camera? Well, 4-in-1 is a hybrid format that allows a camera to be manually switched between AHD, TVI, CVI and CVBS technology. Having this feature means there is no need to worry about format compatibility when setting up a CCTV system. One thing to bear in mind though, is that these cameras are designed to be fitted to coaxial cable with BNC connectors. Of course, the real bonus here is that these types of cameras can be added to an existing system, allowing for a quick and easy install.

Let’s talk about the technologies involved….

AHD short for Analogue High Definition, is a very common HD format that can transmit up to 1080p, also known as 2 megapixels (2MP) over coaxial cable to a digital video recorder (DVR). From this point you can zoom in on the camera via the DVR whilst retaining a good quality image. Over the years, technology is always improving and with certain models in Genie’s range of AHD cameras, you can reach up to 4MP in AHD format.

Transport Video Interface usually known as TVI (or sometimes HD-TVI) is probably the most common type of analogue HD CCTV on the market at the moment. Again, it is HD analogue over coaxial cable, but the transmission of image and recording is greater and can be up to 500m. Of course, this depends on the cable you have. With TVI format, you can now reach up to 8MP (4K) resolution which is fantastic picture clarity.

CVI, known as Composite Video Interface, is very similar to TVI but with different transmission signalling. This format is very limited compared to AHD and TVI which are a more open system meaning that there is no limit with products working with other products from other brands. Many people invested in CVI but didn’t quite know the extent of how much it limited them from adding compatible cameras to the system in the future. This is why the 4-in-1 is such a huge benefit as it allows users to be freed from being tied down to one format.

CVBS short for Colour, Video, Blanking and Sync is basically the technical term for composite video. It’s the standard for analogue input and has been used for decades on TV’s, VCR’s and of course CCTV cameras. The quality of CVBS is normally described in TV Lines. In this case for 4-in-1 cameras, cameras can be set at 700TVL. Although this technology is now seen “backwards”, it does allow this to be compatible with existing older systems and then when it’s finally time for an upgrade, you can simply switch the camera over to a different format.

All in all, the 4-in-1 solution is a fantastic option for CCTV systems whether that be if you are installing the system or you are the customer using it. These cameras are ideal for pretty much any scenario. Adding to an older and existing system with an option of updating at a later date? check! Installing a new system that’s simple and easy but also provides excellent video quality? check! 4-in-1 has you covered so check out our range below and see how we can help you today!

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