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Cards and Fobs

Smart, simple, and sanitary. These small access control devices help keep staff safe, and businesses secure.

How do cards and fobs work?

Cards (also known as proximity cards) are contactless smart cards that can be waved or presented close to a reader to allow the user specific access.

Fobs are similar to cards, but use different technologies, from radio, to NFC, to Bluetooth. Like cards, they also grant short-range access to doors, locks, or secure gates.

They’re both easy to use and replace, tough and can help to slow the spread of germs and viruses.

Are cards and fobs right for me?

If you need to move staff and visitors through and around medium to large premises, both cards and fobs are ideal access control devices. Both systems are popular in gyms and leisure centres.

Both are hard wearing, and relatively simple and cost effective to replace. Having a card that fits in a pocket, a wallet or an ID lanyard means your staff can quickly access it much faster than a traditional key, for example.

Some fobs can also link to other systems and are often paired with CCTV systems to further increase security and develop two-layer authentication. Call Genie’s expert team, and we can quickly assess your requirements, and figure out the optimum solution for you.

Cards and Fobs

Card or fob? Find out which secure access ‘key’ is right for your security and requirements.

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