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Biometric Security

Identifying and verifying personnel using face recognition, fingerprint recognition and/or iris recognition.

How does Biometric Security work?

Essentially biometric security involves confirming someone’s identity using biometric data. This unique bio-data can then be used to allow that person specific access to places or equipment, and also track their movements.

Biometric authentication compares physical identifiable characteristics from an individual to a person’s pre-registered biometric ‘template’ to determine a match.

It can be a photo of their face, a scan of their iris, or an image of their fingerprint. This data is then compared to the encrypted biometric data of several other persons kept within this encrypted database. 

Is Biometric Security right for me?

Biometric access control systems are critical wherever fast assessment and identification and authentication are seen as critical. These include banking, retail, and mobile commerce.

During the recent pandemic, temperature based biometric cameras were used to monitor the body temperature of staff before they entered secure sites.

Biometric Security

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Access Control Case Study

NHS North Devon

Based in Devon, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the healthcare providers in the district offering a varied health care portfolio and specialising in community care…

white concrete building near green trees during daytime

Access Control Case Study

The Old Tollgate Hotel

Based in Steyning, West Sussex, and just 10 miles north of Brighton, the Best Western Plus Old Tollgate Hotel is one of the finest hotels within the area. The Challenge Due to the current circumstance of COVID-19, the hotel needed to put procedures in place in order to re-open their doors. With many other measures … Continued