Virdi Unis Biometric Time & Attendance Software Dongle

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Product description

UNIWORK is a Time & Attendance Module of the UNIS Access Control software and shares a common database (USB Dongle Required). 

Key features

  • Shift Configuration
  • Limited to 99 Shifts
  • Each Shift has a Start and End Time
  • Define when an Employee is Late or Leaves Early
  • Multiple Shifts can be Worked on 1 Day
  • A Shift can have up to 5 Breaks Per Day
  • A Shift can Commence on the Previous Day (Paid on Day OUT) or End on the Following Day (Paid on Day IN)
  • Flexible Shift Schedules (9999 Patterns can be Created)
  • Monitor Lateness
  • Calculate Hours Worked by Rate
  • Auto Process Transactions
  • Modify Clock-In and Hours
  • Custom Report Layouts
  • Transaction Reports
  • Summary Reports (Late, Early Departure, Absenteeism, Break Time)
  • Output to Payroll (Requires Regional Customisation)


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