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Door Controllers

Keep your staff and premises safe, secure and smart.

How do door controllers work?

Door controllers help building managers and security teams monitor where staff and contractors can go.

Using card or code entry, employees, customers and service staff can gain entry at a time that is convenient to them, with no reliance on keys, or being onsite to allow access out of hours.

Unlike a traditional lock and key, door controllers also remove the stress of keys being misplaced and omit the cost of paying for replacements. The controller manages the devices attached to it at each door; reader, keypad, electric lock, exit button etc. 

Are door controllers right for me?

With the recent rise of working from home, flexible days in the office and hiring out office spaces, it’s never been more important to keep an eye on the movement of staff.

If your business requires a high volume of people to enter and leave, security breaches are common, especially if the building is not equipped with suitable access control. A door controller provides secure, convenient and flexible access control.

As well as providing a detailed record of every employee, contractor or cleaner entering specific areas of a building, door controllers also give managers full control to assign and delete access rights at any time. 

Door Controllers

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