Desfire EV2 Genie Encrypted Reader – Dual Technology Desfire Sector

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Product description

The Genie DFE-PROX-DUO is a multi-card technology reader in a sleek design. 

Key features

  • Read 125KHz HID Prox and EM card and read full UID (56bits) or files content of DesFire EV1/EV2 card, supports both 3DES
    and AES encryption, and reading the Mifare
    sector at the same time Read mobile NFC
  • Support on-site Reader Configuration Card to change certain parameters
  • Tamper protection
  • Front plate customisation and back lit design is available
  • IP65 ingress protection
  • Metal back plate allows the reader install on metal surface and back-to back without affecting the read range
  • Universal back plate allows the reader be installed on different size of gang box
  • Reverse power protection
  • All input and output signals are protected against static charges
  • All inputs are DC12V protected


0.3 kg
Re-configure Window

5 seconds (Default) or Half an hour after power up

Reader Output Format

CSN/UID 32bits, 34bits, 56bits (backward/forward), file content reading for programmed ID

Wiegand Plus Width

Different choices to fit with different controller’s requirements

Buzzer Control

Reader & controller control (Default) or controller control only

LED/Back Lit Control

Define different LED colour response base on LED input

Typical Read range

2 – 3 cm

Reader Standard Output

Wiegand (RS232 & RS485 (OSDP) (optional)

Wiring Distance

150m (22 AWG with shielded cable)

Operating Voltage

DC10 – 15V

Operating Current

150mA (max)

Operating Temperature

-30°C – 70°C

Operating Humidity

10% – 90%


115.5 x 84.5 x 20.5mm




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