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Keypads and Readers

The first line of defence for on premises access and security.

What are access control keypads and readers?

An access control reader ‘reads’ a security card or fob when presented to a special pad. Access control keypads work in a similar way, but use a simple numerical code to allow entry into secure spaces.

Both check the data stored on the card, or the numerical code, against a secure database. If the data is identified, and the access level is correct. the door will open, if not, the door remains locked.

Additional levels of security can be added to an existing system, including multi-factor authentication. These include biometric readers such as fingerprint, palm, iris and face scanners, used in conjunction with a card or code.

Are access control keypads and readers right for me?

If you need to secure a building, the people and assets within it, and allow varying degrees of access to specific zones or rooms, card and code readers are an ideal solution.

Installed readers offer a high level of encryption, upgradability and durability. Genie’s expert team are happy to advise on the most appropriate technology and levels of security based on budget and requirements.

Keypads and Readers

From contactless readers to vandal-proof keypads, our range has been designed to suit your needs and budget.

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